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A Brief Intro Of, Maharshi Mahanta Shri Shri Mandalacharya Jyotish Vachaspati Shiromani-Aniketshastri Nageshshastri Deshpande Maharaj.

He is one of the most influential & International acclaimed Fortune Teller. He is awarded with many Medals, Certificates from various Organisations for his work in this field. He has this learnings & tradition from his Grandfather and Father and studied various Horoscopes uptill now. He has given profit of his knowledge to the welfare of many humans to uplift their lives. He is known as Mystique Healer as his methods and aspects are fully Scientific and related with Vedic and Alternative Therapies. He runs an Educational Institute in this field and a professional consultant in Astrology. He is also known as "BHISHMA PITAMAHA" in this field by the well known Pandit's and Astrologer's.

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